Layered Wood Flooring

Layered Wood Flooring (Engineered Wood Flooring)

  • Dimensional Stability – High stable and durable wood flooring product.
  • Luxury Statement – Adds a feel of luxury to your interior space.
  • Comfort – Warm on feet during cool weather and vice versa.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Made from sustainable wood resources.
  • Green Building – Enhances the eco-friendly effect on your building architecture.
  • Made from 100 percent real timber.
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The Floor Gallery group is the authorised distributor for the unique layered wood flooring, an exclusive wood flooring that is of superior quality, durability and stability to conventional parquet and wood veneer flooring.

A unique thickness for the flooring plank give extra hold and dimensional stability to the entire flooring area. The flooring has a core layer of tropical wood that makes the flooring stable especially to the changes in the climate and temperature condition of countries like Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.

The flooring product is selected from sustainable forest resources and manufactured in a responsible manner. Therefore home owners and commercial property owners can enjoy high quality wood flooring  at their premises while contributing to global sustainability.

Plank SizeRandom (L) x 138mm (W) x 12mm (T)
Package Size1.515m2

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