Eco Wood Composite Decking

Eco Wood Composite Decking Benefits

  • Durable – All weather resistance to rain and shine.
  • Splinter Free – Enhance safety for your decking.
  • Heat Resistance – Higher quality in terms of resistance to heat than conventional composite decking.
  • Firm Feel – Have a firmer feel like strong hardwood decking; relative better than soft wood decking like pine.
  • Easy to Maintain – Can be clean easily and maintained on a regular basis.
  • Slip Resistance – Its embossed surface enhances its slip resistant properties.
  • Eco Friendly – One of the first wood composite decking with green credentials.
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Forexia® (

Eco wood composite decking is a highly durable decking compare to the hardest natural decking available. Compare to conventional composite decking, Eco composite decking is more eco friendly as well as having relatively better heat and UV resistant propoerties.

Silvadec, a renowned outdoor decking manufacturer based in France, produces eco quality wood composite decking, Forexia®; and The Floor Gallery is honoured to be the authorised distributor for this unique, durable and eco friendly wood composite decking.

By installing Forexia® eco wood composite decking at your home balcony, bay windows, or planter decking, not only you can enjoy high quality decking materials at home, you can also contribute a little to global sustainability.

Dimension138mm X 23mm X 4000mm
TextureWood Like Embossed
PropertiesSlip Resistant, Splinter Free, Eco Friendly.
Warranty25 Year Guarantee Against Insect & Fungus
Eco Quality Accreditation for Forexia Eco Wood Composite Decking

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