Eco Resilient Skirting

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Eco Resilient Skirting Benefits

100% Waterproof

The first ever vinyl floor skirting in Singapore with a strong waterproof core and covering, making it suitable for any flooring areas.

Healthy For Enclosed Areas

Compliant with European Union’s REACH standards &
GREENGUARD Gold certified to ensure better indoor air quality.

Seamless Joint Installation

 Clean-fitted joint installation that prevents moisture from seeping into floor skirting gaps – a common issue for conventional floor skirting.

100% Termite-Proof

Termite-proof vinyl floor skirting is a strong substitute for traditional wood floor skirting in humid Singapore.

Precision Engineering

Made in Germany, Eco Resilient Skirting (ERS) eliminates the need for cutting metre profiles, ensuring a seamless floor skirting installation.

Easy To Clean

100% waterproof vinyl floor skirting for easy maintenance.

Longer Lasting

With a waterproof and precision-engineered structure, Eco Resilient Skirting is longer-lasting than traditional wood and PVC floor skirting.


Style Strips
Size 2500mm (L) x 60mm (W) x 17.5mm (H)
Key Feature Water Penetration Protection
European Standard REACH and GREENGUARD Gold

Eco Quality Accreditation for Eco Resilient Skirting