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ClipOnDeck (Eco Fusion Deck)

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ClipOnDeck Benefits


All-weather resistant, rain or shine. Ideal for balcony decking in Singapore.

Slip Resistance

Its embossed surface enhances its slip resistant properties.

Clips System

Screw-free/ nail free fastening system ensures that any wood that needs to be replaced can be easily recycled or up cycled into usable furniture

Easy to Maintain

Can be clean easily and maintained on a regular basis.

Splinter Free

Enhance the safety of your balcony decking in Singapore

Firm Feel

Provides a sturdy and strong stability that is similar to hardwood decking.


Dimension 140mm X 24mm X 2750mm
Texture Embossed
Warranty 15 Years (Residential), 5 Years (Commercial) Guarantee Against Insect & Fungus Download
Maintenance Guide Download