Eco Wood Composite Decking

Create a beautiful environment with our eco-friendly wood composite decking.

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  • Auburn Brown Embossed

  • Auburn Brown Groove

  • Granite Grey Embossed

  • Granite Grey Grooved

Eco Wood Composite Decking Benefits


All weather resistance, rain or shine.

Splinter Free

Enhances outdoor decking safety at home.

Heat Resistance

Higher quality than conventional composite decking in terms of heat resistance.

Firm Feel

 Possesses a firmer feel similar to hardwood decking. Sturdier than soft wood, such as pine.

Easy to Maintain

Easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis.

Slip Resistance

Its embossed surface enhances its slip resistant properties.

Eco Friendly

One of the first wood composite decking with green credentials in Singapore


Dimension138mm/180mm X 23mm X 2800mm
TextureWood Like Embossed / Groove
PropertiesSlip Resistant, Splinter Free, Eco Friendly.
Warranty25 Year Guarantee Against Insect & Fungus

Eco Quality Accreditation for Eco Wood Composite Decking

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