Eco Resilient Flooring (ERF)

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  • Brown Sawn

  • Dark Grey Oak

  • Euro Oak

  • Oak Floss

  • Red Root

  • Silver Grey

  • Thai Teak

  • White Sawn

Eco Resilient Flooring Benefits

Highly waterproof

Recommended resilient flooring for both residential and commercial properties in Singapore. Ideal for kitchens, dry bathrooms, living halls, bedrooms & many more.

High Impact Resistant

Suitable for high traffic movement, such as retail outlets and restaurants. Ideal resilient flooring for enhancing safety standards at home.

Highly Slip Resistant

For greater safety at home.

Eco Friendly

The first resilient flooring product with eco accreditations, such as The Singapore Green Label and the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) Green Certification. Eco-Resilient Flooring can be reclaimed, repurposed, and recycled.

Highly Termite Proof

Eco Resilient Flooring is recommended for homes or commercial spaces on ground levels in Singapore, as its non-wood material is not edible by termites.

Easy Installation

The flooring can be easily installed and customised to the home owners’ preference.

Premium Warranty

20 years residential & 10 years commercial warranty on products, such that the resilient flooring layer will not wear down.


Thickness 5mm
Wear Layer 0.5mm with Turf Shield™ Technology
Style Plank
Dimension 230mm (W) x 1220mm (L)

[Plank Series]

305mm (W) x 610mm (L)

[Tiles Series]

Warranty Lifetime Residential / 10 Year Commercial – No wear through of wear layer on product.

Eco Quality Accreditation for Eco Resilient Flooring In Singapore

Watch the video to find out more about eco resilient flooring