Malibu Dreams

Surrender to the warm and welcoming California style. Free-spirited and rustic, yet chic.
A fresh cross-over with influences from faraway places, all brought to life in food, music, sports and everything else that makes life worth living.

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  • Malibu Amber

  • Malibu Clay

  • Malibu Natural

  • Malibu Rock

There’s no place like home
Adventure is always on the horizon in California – and your home is the perfect base for it. Whether you’re all about the salty wilderness of the sea or bustling city life, your home is where you retreat to find new energy. Comfy, relaxed, and stylish like nothing else.
Refined rustic
Choose between four distinct looks to launch your Malibu Dreams style. All warm brown with a
beautifully rustic character, the looks mix perfectly with chalk white and the colors of the Pacific.
Be yourself
Plan your Malibu Dreams home to fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. A sports fanatic? Let it
show by having your gear on display. A true nature lover? Use your favorite shells, stones, and driftwood to decorate your home.