Outdoor Decking

Looking for an outdoor decking contractor for your balcony or planter decking? Get quality services for your outdoor decking from The Floor Gallery today! Here are our outdoor decking products.

Forexia® Eco Wood Composite Decking

eco composite decking forexia

Forexia® is the 1st wood composite decking in Singapore to have the Singapore Green Label certification. More durable and lasting outdoor decking material, have relatively higher dimensional stability than most conventional finished wood decking products and composite decking products. Applicable in both residential and commercial decking as well as building additions and structural projects.

Wood Decking (Chengal & Ironwood)

chengal wood decking singapore1

At The Floor Gallery, we source for high quality wood decking materials for your balcony decking design. With our experienced outdoor decking and wood specialist, we supply and install wood decking residential and commercial project with efficiency, exquisiteness in the decking materials as well as excellent workmanship.

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