Vision and Mission

The Floor Gallery’s Vision

Our vision is to walk the talk by focusing primarily on eco quality flooring products to enhance home living quality for our residential flooring projects as well as to enhance quality and safety in our commercial flooring projects. The Floor Gallery strives to be the expert representative of high end eco quality flooring products and services in Singapore and Asia.  Our vision is also to educate, advocate and supply different types of high end quality eco flooring products for various uses such as laminate flooring, bespoke eco resilient flooring, wood flooring, decking and even in vinyl flooring. We see the real benefits of eco flooring, and we demonstrate our eco flooring philosophy in all our flooring products.

The Floor Gallery’s Mission

We want to focus on 3 important aspects for all our flooring products and services.

1) High End Quality – for better living for residential homes and for better working for commercial properties.

2) Eco Quality – for a better environment as well as better health from the effects of our flooring.

3) Safe Quality – Making sure that all our eco flooring products are the safest with the highest standard.

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