Wood Decking

Wood Decking Benefits

  • Natural Looking – Wood decking gives your balcony deck a natural look and texture.
  • Heat Resistance – Wood is a natural insulator for heat.
  • Dimensional Stability – With the right quality of wood, the decking will have relatively higher dimensional stability.
  • Eco Friendly – Wood can be renewed and reused over and over again, hence it helps to preserves eco sustainability.
  • Comfort – Wood enhances comfort with its natural texture.
  • Durable – Select good wood decking material with relatively high Janka hardness so as to make the entire wood decking durable and weather resistance.
  • Track Record – Popular wood decking options such as Chengal and Ironwood decking are successfully installed in renowned residential and commercial projects in Singapore by credible decking installers.
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Eco Wood Composite Decking

 Our Natural Wood Decking Collection   [Subject to Availability]

Chengal Decking

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Janka Hardness: 2130

Colour Range: Heartwood light yellow brown.

Texture: Fine and even.

Source: Malaysia / Southeast Asia


Chengal wood decking is one of the most common wood decking options in Singapore today. It is important to source for credible decking contractors today who will help home owners to get good quality chengal wood for their decking projects.


Ironwood Decking

ironwood decking singapore



Janka Hardness: 3010

Colour Range: Light brown to darker brown.

Texture: Straight grain, moderately fine texture.

Source: Indochina


Ironwood decking has relatively high durability than most natural wood due to its high Janka hardness and it’s highly resistant to termites. Ironwood has natural mortising properties and is often recommended for structural building and outdoor decking purposes.

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