Eco Resilient Skirting

Create a beautiful home with our
100% scratch-proof vinyl floor skirting.

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Sometimes referred to as baseboards, kickboards or mouldings, floor skirting boards and tiles are installed for different purposes. More often than not, homeowners install floor skirting boards in their properties for both functional and aesthetically appealing purposes.

  1. Functional Reasons For Floor Skirting
    Floor skirting is often done to complement newly-installed flooring in homes. The installation helps to protect walls, cover unsightly gaps between the flooring boards or tiles and wall as well as prevent wear and tear from mopping, furniture movement, or vacuum cleaners.
  2. Aesthetic Value Of Floor Skirting
    If you are already installing floor skirting boards in your home, it makes sense to choose a design that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home. Sometimes installed for their design appeal, floor skirting can enhance the design and highlight the corners of a house.


 Benefits Of Floor Skirting Installation

There are numerous benefits to including floor skirting to your home. Create a beautiful home with our collection of 100% scratch-proof eco friendly vinyl floor skirting.

Eco Resilient Floor Skirting Services in Singapore

100% Waterproof & Easy To Clean

First ever vinyl floor skirting in Singapore with a strong waterproof core. Easy to maintain. Suitable for any flooring area.

100% Termite-Proof

Termite-proof vinyl floor skirting is a strong substitute for traditional wood floor skirting in humid Singapore.

Seamless Joint Installation

 Clean-fitted joint installation that prevents moisture from seeping into floor skirting gaps – a common issue for conventional floor skirting.

Precision Engineering

Made in Germany, Eco Resilient Skirting (ERS) eliminates the need for cutting metre profiles, ensuring a seamless floor skirting installation.

Healthy For Enclosed Areas

Compliant with European Union’s REACH standards & GREENGUARD Gold certified to ensure better indoor air quality.

Longer Lasting

With a waterproof and precision-engineered structure, Eco Resilient Skirting is longer-lasting than traditional wood and PVC floor skirting.

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Floor Skirting Specifications

Style Strips
Size 2500mm (L) x 60mm (W) x 17.5mm (H)
Key Feature Water Penetration Protection
European Standard REACH and GREENGUARD Gold

Eco Quality Accreditation for Eco Resilient Skirting


How Our Floor Skirting Is Installed