Stairs Installation

Staircase Installation

Modern, minimalist staircase? Elaborately designed spiral staircase? There are many architectural designs to consider and choose from if you are looking to renovate or install stairs in your home. More often than not, the form of a staircase takes on the home’s design.

Apart from the design of your staircase, the placement and functionality plays a big part in the installation as well. Likewise, the staircase installation can be maximised to include storage space, display features for family photos and art as well as quiet areas for reading or relaxing if your home can afford the space for a bigger landing.

Installing Stairs In A House

What are some important factors to consider before installing stairs in a house?

The outcome of your staircase installation in your home in Singapore will largely depend on the design of your home, the contractor’s skill, the space available in your home as well as your budget.

When installing stairs in a house, it is pivotal to ensure that the form of the stairs fits the lifestyles and needs of your family members at home as well. A staircase that runs straight from the ground floor to the second one or stop at a landing to turn a 90 or 180 degree to continue upwards can be much easier to climb. In comparison, a grand and sweeping staircase style installation can be visually appealing but may not be functionally wise for families with elderly or children at home. They are easier to build, much more economical with space utilisation, but can be impractical and dangerous to climb if you have children running around or carrying heavy objects up the stairs.

Staircase Installation Services in Singapore

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