Woven Vinyl

Create unique and innovative designs with our Woven Vinyl collection. Realistic textured designs, mix and match to create your unique style!

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Woven Vinyl Benefits

Dimensional Stability

Reliable core structure & can be used in heavy-commercial areas.

Silent & Soft

Soft surface absorbing sound.


Colorfast properties retain gorgeous original colors over time.

Fray – Proof

Clean-cut finishing for preventing fraying.

Consistent Thickness

Consistent product thickness for mix & match with different designs.

Easy Maintenance

Protective barrier against dirt & easy cleaning of spillage.

Eco Friendly Flooring

 Low VOC & phthalate free


Slip-resistance with woven fabric surface.


Thickness 3mm
Level Of Use 33
Dimension (L)1000mm x (W)250mm x (T)3mm
Warranty 15 Years Residential & 10 Years Commercial Product Download

TFG Workmanship Warranty Download

Installation & Maintenance Guide Download