• Kaiyang Huang (at Facebook Review)
    I highly recommend Floor Gallery if you're considering vinyl flooring for your home. Serene understands your needs and objectives, lay outs the different options and is always responsive and helpful. We had her install grey vinyl planks in our living and dining room area and were thrilled at the high quality installation.  
    Kaiyang Huang (at Facebook Review)
  • Raphael Foo Cher Sheng (at Facebook Review)
    good and professional service!! i am very pleased!
    Raphael Foo Cher Sheng (at Facebook Review)
  • Phyllis Foo (at Facebook Review)
    My husband and I would like to thank Elaine and Isaac for the amazing job they did for our dream home. The Floor Gallery, is an excellent company that strives to fully satisfy customers needs. The moment we spoke to Isaac, we knew we called on the right company to build our dream home for us. He was full of creative ideas and always very patient in listening to our needs as well. We didnt even have to crack our brains to choose the correct and nice design of flooring to match the concept of our house at all. Isaac did all the job. They were all very efficient and diligent and handed over our dream home to us on time. Well done The Floor Gallery! We highly recommend The Floor Gallery to anyone looking to get work done on their home. Regards, - An Extremely satisfied customer -
    Phyllis Foo (at Facebook Review)
  • Gin Tan (at Facebook Review)
    We would like to tks Serene . She is approachable n committed to her work. Tks for arranging to have our floor done so fast .
    Gin Tan (at Facebook Review)
  • Kai Ling (at Facebook Review)
    Excellent service, great quality and fast installation. Highly recommend for anyone!
    Kai Ling (at Facebook Review)
  • Nafisah Hussein (at Facebook Review)
    The provide good services n friendly, there did a good job.
    Nafisah Hussein (at Facebook Review)
  • Sharon Tan (at Facebook Review)
    Wonderful service from The Floor Gallery from start to finish.Serene was so helpful, answering my questions patiently and promptly.I highly recommend The Floor Gallery for your flooring needs.
    Sharon Tan (at Facebook Review)
  • Torng Horng (at Facebook Review)
    Thank you for the excellent service. I’m a happy customer.  
    Torng Horng (at Facebook Review)
  • Lam Kim Seng (at Facebook Review)
    Elaine and Company were very responsive and attentive to my requirements. Glad I made the right choice in choosing them.
    Lam Kim Seng (at Facebook Review)
  • Jeremy Ho  (at Facebook Review)
    Thanks Elaine for the swift responds to my enquiry. It's a joy to deal with you:) Highly recommended !!
    Jeremy Ho (at Facebook Review)
  • Michelle Wee  (at Facebook Review)
    Thank you for the excellent service I received from the Floor Gallery especially my professional, efficient salesperson Shanny. Highly recommend if you are looking for good quality vinyl and decking!  
    Michelle Wee (at Facebook Review)
  • Izyani Ayik  (at Facebook Review)
    Beautiful flooring! Thanks, Mark, for all ur help in picking the color and arranging the installation so quickly 😀
    Izyani Ayik (at Facebook Review)
  • Shadowlew Zhi Wei  (at Facebook Review)
    Highly recommended. Mark Tey is one of the best salesperson i had met. He always reply your whatsapp enquiries within minutes. Patient and courteous at all times. As for the vinyl flooring, the quality is good, the colour is very nice and blend well with our kitchen cabinets!  
    Shadowlew Zhi Wei (at Facebook Review)
  • Joshua Chew  (at Facebook Review)
    I just had my balcony done with chengal wood by the floor gallery. I was happy with the end result. The timber was good with little defect. The staining was done well such that it was even. I dealt with Serene. I have been calling her many times a day for various reasons and she picks up my call without fail this each time. This was a major plus point for me as i have had many contractors MIA after collecting deposit. So I would recommend them.  
    Joshua Chew  (at Facebook Review)
  • Bernard Chew  (at Facebook Review)
      Great service, good selection of vinyl flooring tiles and good workmanship in the installation! Special thanks to Mark for always so prompt in replying our queries.
    Bernard Chew  (at Facebook Review)
  • Hana Purp (at Facebook Review)
    My husband and I would like to thank Serene and The Floor gallery workers for the beautiful job done for our floorings. Serene was very helpful in guiding us throughout the colour selections. Everybody else praised the finished work and asked for recommendations. Of cos we said TheFloorGallery! �  
    Hana Purp (at Facebook Review)
  • Han Yang Yap (at Facebook Review)
    Frank, honest and neat jobs! Like it. Overall, satisfied with the service provided.
    Han Yang Yap (at Facebook Review)
  • Uma Rajandran (at Facebook Review)
    My husband and i would like to thank Serene for the marvellous job done for our home. Serene took lots of effort to get to know us and our preferences and worked closely with us to fulfil our needs. The outcome is beyond words. Awesome customer service and friendly approach. Serene is very passionate about her job and gives the best tips and advices. Strongly recommended service. Thank you soo much for all the heartwork put in Serene. The outcome says it all. Continue to do your heartwork and more success definitely on your way.
    Uma Rajandran (at Facebook Review)
  • Viv- Vien (at Facebook Review)
    We have been sourcing around deligently for our decking and decided to use the Floor Gallery after being recommended by a friend. We never look back since and we would like to commend Jia Yu especially for catering to my many requests and greatly appreciate her promptness in responding to all my queries and also flexibility to arrange for an early installation. And their workmanship is tip top too. Strongly recommend them.
    Viv- Vien (at Facebook Review)
  • Rachel Fong-Lim (at Facebook Review)
    Our flooring journey with The Floor Gallery (TFG) has been most pleasant. When my husband and I visited TFG showroom with three young kids, we were surprised that we could shop and make decisions in peace because the showroom was so child-friendly. It is safe and welcoming for kids, with snacks and toys. We were also heartened by TFG’s honest way of business. We had wanted a more costly product initially. However, TFG informed us that for residential purposes, a less costly product would be more than sufficient. We were very happy to save some money! For the selection of colours, Serene was most patient, helpful and responsive. During installation, she was very professional. She kept us updated of the progress with on-site pictures. When the job was done, we requested for minor touch-ups and the TFG team was very efficient with it. Most importantly, the finished work was simply gorgeous!
    Rachel Fong-Lim (at Facebook Review)
  • Fong Xiongkun (at Facebook Review)
    Love my new floor! But more importantly, love the overall experience with the staff. Responsive and friendly, interaction was always absolutely professional. Two thumbs up to the before, during and after sales service!
    Fong Xiongkun (at Facebook Review)
  • Lim Seow Thong (at Facebook Review)
    I just had my planter decking job done well. The quality of work was excellent. Thanks to Mr Mark Tey for his prompt response and his good and sincere advice in helping me to choose the WPC materials for the planter decking. I will be happy to recommend my friends to use The Floor Gallery if they have needs for decking.  
    Lim Seow Thong (at Facebook Review)
  • Maureen (at Facebook Review)
      I am more than impressed with TFG’s services. I was referred to Shanny when I called on Thursday and requested for an urgent date (l have a housewarming less than 3 days away). Even though I was told they were full, she went the extra mile to slot in an appointment for installation on Saturday (Today) and even met me the same night I called to show me samples. All installed and I am very happy with the results. Very prompt service and will definitely recommend to others looking for flooring solutions.  
    Maureen (at Facebook Review)
  • Cyril Ong (at Facebook Review)
    Really loved the quality of the flooring. Perfect for new homes or just want a change of your flooring. They basically just stacked above of your usual tiles, you don’t have to go through the trouble to destroy your normal tiles just to replace their tiles. U can get your floors done before paying. So after it’s done, and if you are satisfied with the quality and service. You can just pay after that. Recommended and affordable. PS: Our salesperson is serene. She’s so friendly and easy to talk to. Love her service max.
    Cyril Ong (at Facebook Review)
  • Noor Azlin (at Facebook Review)
    Thank you Shanny for the great service. Job well done. And your man did a good job very patient with us too. Thank you once again...
    Noor Azlin (at Facebook Review)
  • Patricia Koh (at Facebook Review)
    Had a great experience with TFG! Understand it’s busy CNY period yet managed to help us get the balcony work done upon knowing we needed it urgently. Professional service and completed the work within a day without flaw! Will definitely recommend them for future cases and others! Thumbs up!!
    Patricia Koh (at Facebook Review)
  • Jeremy Chan (at Facebook Review)
    Fantastic service - Serene was quick to respond and proactive in checking and following up with the installation. Quality of deck is good and so far I have been very satisfied with a job well done!  
    Jeremy Chan (at Facebook Review)
  • Sam Ye (at Google Review)
    I have sent several inquiries to decking companies in Singapore. Floor Gallery is not the cheapest price among the quotations I received. But the Floor Gallery salesman Joe is one of the best. His hard working and intense customer caring let me choose Floor Gallery as my final choice. From the very beginning to the finish of decking installation, Joe followed up very closely by his many times of site visiting. I am so pleased to the good quality from Joe and his esteemed company the Floor Gallery. I would like to make my sincere recommendation to all who need such service. Thank you Joe. Thank you The Floor Gallery Pte Ltd
    Sam Ye (at Google Review)
  • Su Marni Jasuki (at Google Review)
    Very good workmanship. Very satisfied & job well done. Kudos to Shanny & their workers.
    Su Marni Jasuki (at Google Review)
  • Kamariah Yunos (at Google Review)
    25 weeks ago Its a dream come true. I have been wanting to do vinyl flooring for my 20yrs flat. Not sure who to contact till I' ve come across The Floor Gallery ad @instagram. Tq Shanny for the superb service and very patience with my requests. And the excellent finished job done by your workers. We are your very satisfied customer. Thumbs up.
    Kamariah Yunos (at Google Review)
  • Kaiyang Huang (at Google Review)
    I highly recommend Floor Gallery if you're considering vinyl flooring for your home. Serene understands your needs and objectives, lay outs the different options and is always responsive and helpful. We had her install grey vinyl planks in our living and dining room area and were thrilled at the high quality installation.
    Kaiyang Huang (at Google Review)
  • Raphael Foo (at Google Review)
      Good service! very professional. job well done
    Raphael Foo (at Google Review)
  • PS K (at Google Review)
      They did a good job in delivering the promises. Serene was very helpful in advising the best to suit my needs. Appreciate it.  
    PS K (at Google Review)
  • Sathis Kumar (at Google Review)
    Hi everyone serene my sales rep is done a fantastic job for me and has help alot by giving a v.gd price the quality and products are top hand, if u all have in mind to do ur flooring or platform pls give them a call and ask for serene she will come down to give you a well versed of their products and a affordable price
    Sathis Kumar (at Google Review)
  • Ricky Tan (at Google Review)
    I recently contracted TFG for a small flooring job. The work involved hacking and removing the existing tile flooring of my kitchen before overlaying vinyl on it. Three quotations were received and only TFG was confident enough to agree to my requirement that the work be completed in 2 days (Friday/Saturday). In fact they completed with hours to spare. The workers (hacker and vinyl layers) worked efficiently and expeditiously and clearly were very experienced in their job. I am particularly impressed by the vinyl layer Sahadat who evidently took great pride in doing his job well. Finally TFG quotation price was competitive with the other quotations. Thanks to Shanny (Sales Executive) and the workers for a job well done.
    Ricky Tan (at Google Review)
  • Suzie Sara (at Google Review)
      Would like to thank you expertise advice and guidance. Your installers have gone a great job and they were really very patient and helpful throughout the whole progress. Been wonderful to have found The Floor Gallery.. thank you ☝
    Suzie Sara (at Google Review)
  • Kai Ling Koh (at Google Review)
    Excellent service by Shanny, great quality and fast installation. Highly recommend for anyone!
    Kai Ling Koh (at Google Review)
  • grilyshabowpop danisyah (at Google Review)
    Good services  , there did a good job. Highly recommended..
    grilyshabowpop danisyah (at Google Review)
  • Chan Men Yee (at Google Review)
      Wonderful service from The Floor Gallery Pte Ltd from start to finish.Serene was so helpful, answering my questions patiently and promptly.I highly recommend The Floor Gallery Pte Ltd for your flooring needs.
    Chan Men Yee (at Google Review)
  • Lim EngTeck (at Google Review)
    I highly recommend Floor Gallery if you're considering planter flooring for your home. Ms.Serene understands your needs and objectives, show samples of pass jobs, is always responsive and helpful. We had her install planks mixture of wood and vinyl material with warranty in our planters. Thank you.
    Lim EngTeck (at Google Review)
  • Jason Chua (at Google Review)
    Shanny customer service is excellent. I love my decking. Highly recommended.  
    Jason Chua (at Google Review)
  • Fang Tan (at Google Review)
    Shanny was helpful and understanding to our needs. They are definately not the cheapest around but their earthwerks vinyl tiles were my choice as they were tested and safe for my kid. Excellent workmanship beyond my expectation. Great job and Thank you!
    Fang Tan (at Google Review)
  •  Valiant Zhu (at Google Review)
    There are a good variety of choices. Sale person Mark is nice and friendly. Thanks to his advise and recommendations, we’re able to finalise our choice. The fine workmanship is also notable. We will definitely come back if there is additional needs.  
    Valiant Zhu (at Google Review)
  • Xiongkun Fong (at Google Review)
    Love my new floor! But more importantly, love the overall experience with the staff. Serene was very responsive and friendly, interactions were always absolutely professional. Two thumbs up to the before, during and after sales service!
    Xiongkun Fong (at Google Review)
  •  Muhammad Fadzly Rahim (at Google Review)
    Did my vinyl flooring twice with TFG (Not enough budget to do the whole house flooring so do it in stages). Serene was ever so prompt and efficient on both occasions. Excellent product. Good worksmanship.I highly recommend it for those considering installing vinyl flooring.  
    Muhammad Fadzly Rahim (at Google Review)
  • Chan Stephen (at Google Review)
    Good service and very understanding to our needs from Shanny and when coming to installation Isaac made sure the works was done very professionally ........ very good job done !!!!
    Chan Stephen (at Google Review)
  • Jerick Tan (at Google Review)
    I got their Parador laminate click 832 tiles. Price was very competitive. Service was quite good, just that there were a few hiccups. The salesperson, Mark, was very helpful and kind. He was like a friend. I'm also pleased with the after-sales service. Overall, it was a job well done. (The photo I've shared won't do them justice. In reality, it looks really good!) Thank you!
    Jerick Tan (at Google Review)
  • Jali Mohd Yunos (at Google review)
    Serene proved to be a worthy and very professional salesperson. She is very attentive to customer's needs and always quick with her responses to our queries and concerns. We are extremely happy with the end results of our home's vinyl flooring. It is much better than what we have expected.The workers did a fantastic job. We are very glad to have Serene as our salesperson. Thank you so much for the awesome service  
    Jali Mohd Yunos (at Google review)
  • Issac Elias (at Google Review)
    Came to them requiring help for repair/ replace of my damaged skirting and laminate flooring. The response was quick and efficient. Shanny even followed up a day after the job is done. Issac (same name as me with different spelling I think) the project manager came early on the day of work. He managed my expectation and his staff for the work to be done. Even the workers were very polite to inform me of their lunch break. Though it's a small project, the pleasant experience is enough to get me endorsing them to my friends and in future bigger project of my own. Thanks TFG!
    Issac Elias (at Google Review)
  • Ngoh Alvin (at Google Review)
    The Floor Gallery gave my wife and me a cosy feeling the moment we step into their office. The sales rep Issac was impeccable in his service and details info. We were also very impressed with their overall work ethics and pricing. Though we were given some lower quotations by other firms,but we decided on The Floor Gallery as their materials and detailed overall planning really won us over. We will be posting our final review right after our renovation ends.
    Ngoh Alvin (at Google Review)
  • Jason Lee (at Google Review)
    Joane from TFG was very patient and prompt to assist us. Impressive after sales service as they came down just to touch up some areas. Strongly recommend TFG to new home owners!
    Jason Lee (at Google Review)
  • Keith Ong (at Google Review)
    TFG still the best after me and my wife did a comparison between (2 other resilient flooring companies) during the exhibition at Expo. I would like to thanks Elaine who did an Excellent job, her professionalism and she is very knowledgeable about the product. So we decided to use their product for our whole house. Lastly, we highly recommend to you - TFG
    Keith Ong (at Google Review)
  • Alex Koh (at Google Review)
    Good service! Installed ERF in my home. Their eco resilient flooring (ERF) is the only resilient flooring product in Singapore that has Singapore Green Label certification. I had also looked into other flooring companies' resilient products but so far only The Floor Gallery's flooring product has green label! So to play safe, me and my wife have decided to install their flooring instead!
    Alex Koh (at Google Review)
  • Spencer Wong
    Excellent sales and responsive service from Serene, great workmanship. Would definitely recommend to my family and friends!
    Spencer Wong
  • Nuraini Abd Rahman
    I am very happy to came across The Floor Gallery. A very professional service was given by Ms Serene Soh. She is very patient, friendly and answered all my queries. I like my Eco Flooring very much. It gave me and my family a cosy and modern feeling with ERF grey trend. Thank you Serene and TFG.
    Nuraini Abd Rahman
  • Mary Goh
    We appreciate the time and efforts Shirley took to co-ordinate and follow up on the whole job. All aspects of the installation were carried out smoothly. We look forward to your post sale support if needed. Thanks!
    Mary Goh
  • Harry Min
    Friendly customer service, Good workmanship, very neat and tidy!
    Harry Min
  • Lynn Lim See Chen
    Very patient and detailed explanation of the product suitable for our needs. Thanks, Shirley. A hassle-free transaction. Workmanship is also good. Thanks!
    Lynn Lim See Chen
  • Derrick Loo Si Kai
    Service and Product is good. Installation date agreed and no delay. Installer is very experience and helpful. Help to protect flooring after installation.
    Derrick Loo Si Kai