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As Singapore’s top-rated supplier of vinyl flooring,
create a beautiful environment with our eco-friendly vinyl flooring.

Create a beautiful environment with our eco-friendly vinyl flooring.

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Vinyl Flooring

Fast becoming a popular option among homeowners, what exactly is vinyl flooring and why is it good?

Vinyl flooring is made out of different layers compressed together – giving it its premium advantage of being one of the more resilient types of eco flooring in Singapore. Compared to other materials, vinyl flooring takes the spot for durability, ease of installation, and cost consideration. While suitably made for higher amounts of foot traffic, it also reduces noise – an important factor for those with children at home.

The range of colours and patterns that come with vinyl flooring makes it an attractive option for home and commercial property owners. Aesthetically-pleasing in design, durable and affordable – create a beautiful interior with our eco vinyl flooring choices in Singapore.

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As one of the top-notch suppliers of eco vinyl flooring in Singapore, our collection boasts of several options, each varying in design, appearance and benefits to suit different flooring needs. With improved technology, there are now a range of options available – whether it’s non-slip, waterproof or no wax vinyl flooring. Varying types of vinyl flooring materials come with different features, advantages and disadvantages.

Vinyl sheet and tiles flooring are usually manufactured with a lower thickness and have anti-static properties, making them much more suitable for hospitals, labs and clean rooms. On the other hand, eco vinyl flooring types are designed with the caveats of home living in mind – they are non-slip, high impact resilient, non-toxic (safe for babies and pets) and termite-free.

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Solid, durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring that is eco-friendly is crucial to setting the right foundations for a home. Have an idea in mind? Get a quote from our flooring installation specialists today.