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Modern Wood Floor Overlay Installation Services in Singapore

Indulge in exquisite design and pride yourself in a responsible lifestyle. The New Modern collection is all about carefully considered decisions.
A shopping philosophy closer to art than to consumption – and you are the curator.

The wood flooring overlay market is saturated with endless possibilities – colour finishes, styles, and textures to suit homeowners’ different needs and lifestyles. From the material durability to the visual appeal of the wood flooring overlay designs, home and commercial property owners are looking for variety and benefits of picking overlay as an option.

Choose From Our Exquisite Wood Floor Overlay Collection

With more and more homeowners wanting a hand in the design, our collection of extensive artistic wood flooring options are bound to inspire new touches to the overall design of your home. We offer a range of styles – our modern collection of wood floor overlay designs in Singapore are exquisite, sophisticated and artistic.

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From Commerce To Philosophy
Some call it a luxury for life, due to its sustainable approach to design. Others make connections to modern art. Nevertheless, New Modern wood floor overlay collection in Singapore has more layers than first meets the eye. And it’s a conscious choice for the true aesthete.

Stress-Relieving Space
Is home the space in which we oppose the chaos of our busy lives? With New Modern – our collection with exquisite wood flooring styling, the answer is definitely yes. A style for comfort and self-expression that goes beyond trends and traditions.

Your Home, Your Canvas
Use walls, floors and ceilings to express who you are. And, as with any good art – simplicity is key. What matters is the thought that goes into your living area.

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