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Outdoor Decking

As residential properties today have patio decks, investing in a durable and reliable outdoor flooring decking material will ensure that you are able to enjoy your outdoor balcony for a long time. Choosing the right decking for your balcony can be challenging with the market in Singapore.

There are many renovation specialists offering wide ranges of outdoor flooring decking material options for homeowners. For instance, balcony wooden decking itself has options between chengal and ironwood decking. Likewise, eco wood composite decking also boasts a range of finishes and textures to match your aesthetic appeal.

The Floor Gallery offers a collection of eco friendly outdoor wood, composite and fusion decking options to suit your lifestyle needs. Whatever the design, our customers can be sure to enjoy heat and slip resistant, durable, and eco-friendly approved outdoor decking material from us.

Benefits Of Investing In Outdoor Balcony Decking

Having a space of your own where you can rest, relax and refuel after a long day of work is essential to ensuring your physical and mental well-being. The benefits of upgrading your outdoor decking are numerous. Aside from giving yourself a beautiful patio deck, adding improvements to your balcony decking can help you achieve the following:

Memorable Moments

A small investment goes a long way. A beautifully done outdoor flooring decking can be your next hang-out spot for family gatherings and parties – a perfect way to create memorable moments.

Reel In Your Connection To Nature

A fully refurbished and renovated outdoor decking can encourage you to spend more time reflecting and resting in nature. Incorporate a hobby for plants and with a few comfortable chairs, your balcony decking investment would have paid off as you spend more time in nature.

Enhances The Value Of Your Home

Upgrading your outdoor flooring and decking may cost you now, but having a fully refurbished and renovated outdoor balcony can increase the value of your home in the market as well.

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Going the process of renovating your balcony decking can be tedious, time-consuming and stressful. Before even deciding on the type of outdoor decking material for the balcony, you would have to consider your budget as well as the suitability of the decking material for the conditions in Singapore. Being able to maintain and care for your outdoor patio is just as important a factor when you renovate.

What is a suitable outdoor decking material? Should I go for timber or wood? How much should it cost on average?

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