Bespoke Acoustic Panel

Where aesthetics embrace acoustics, perfect blend of timeless design and functionality.

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Bespoke Acoustic Panel Benefits

Class A Fire Rated

The highest level of fire resistance, material is highly effective in preventing the spread of flames and has low heat release characteristics.

Anti Mould & Anti Termites

Prevent the growth of mould and resist termite infestations.

Sustainable Material

Products come from responsibly managed forests, and promotes sustainable practices within the industry.

Sound Absorption

Create quieter and more acoustically balanced spaces.

Easy Maintenance

Simple to clean, durable, and requires minimal upkeep over time.

Easy Installation

Provide an accessible and convenient way to transform and upgrade interior walls.


Style Bespoke Acoustic Panel
Plank Size (L)2600mm x (W)526mm x (T)22mm
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