Wood Flooring Styling

Transform the look of a wood floor without having to replace it.

With our highly-absorbent wood flooring overlay, you can change the ambiance of an entire room,
bringing a fresh new look to your beloved timber wooden floors.

By reviving, restoring & tinting it, our new floor styling system crosses the limits of pre-finished floors
with over 20 beautiful colours to choose from.

Explore our 5 styles for your wood flooring:

“Your wood flooring has a long and beautiful life ahead. By renovating it with our wood overlay, not only do you make it look great again, you give it an extra layer of loving protection too. Taking care of your existing wooden surfaces promotes sustainable living, where beautiful design and care for the environment go hand in hand.”

Want to give your existing floors a fresh look?

Wood Flooring Overlay Styling and Restoration

With numerous options for wood flooring available on the market, there is no doubt that making the right choice when it comes to picking wood flooring and overlay has become tricky for many consumers.

Wood flooring is one that will never go out of style. Whether you are furnishing your house with the look and feel of a country rustic vibe or a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, wood flooring can easily be an adaptable and timeless choice.

Going with it also means that ensuring your wood floors are well taken care of for it to maintain the look and feel you have in mind. Well-maintained wood floors complete with overlay or tinting can also enhance the value of your property many years later. Wood flooring overlay refers to placing a new layer of flooring over the existing one – this will make the floors look slightly thicker but the difference is negligible. Making the decision to restore your wood flooring with repair, tinting or overlay where necessary can help seal in protection on top of reviving the look and feel of the floors.

Many home and commercial property owners look into wood flooring restoration to give their floors a fresh and new look.

Why Pick Wooden Overlay Flooring? | Restoration Services in Singapore

There are several reasons why people want to restore wood flooring:

  1. By restoring with wood overlay flooring, you will be protecting your old, existing wood flooring tiles. Adding on wood flooring overlay will compound on the advantages of your existing flooring – couple that with resilient and non-slip tiles for added safety features in your home.
  2. If you are looking to freshen up the design of your home, you can revive your existing wood flooring with either tinting or an overlay. However, you need to ensure that your existing wood flooring is able to take the weight of the new planks or are free from any damage so as to have a stable, even result of your wood flooring repair works.
  3. When your existing wood flooring is of good condition, placing wood overlay flooring can improve the safety and non-toxic features of your floors while giving your home a fresh new look. Most importantly, the entire restoration service in Singapore is done in a short time – compared to hacking and laying new tiles. Likewise, with an overall lower cost, it makes perfect sense to revive your wood flooring with an overlay to extend the durability, look and feel of your wood flooring.


Explore Our Wood Flooring Restoration Services Here in Singapore

By restoring your existing wood flooring, you are reviving the design and feel it brings to the property. Our new floor styling collection ranges 20 different colours and finishes for you to choose from for your wood flooring overlay.

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