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Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is often coveted as the top flooring option among home and commercial property owners for the elegant, timeless and sophistication it gives off. Whether it is a rustic or contemporary modern design aesthetic, solid and engineered wood flooring are great choices that complement various design looks and furnishing ideas for homes.

The timeless appeal of wood tile flooring makes it a popular choice. Wood flooring has been used in homes for over centuries so rest assured that the pattern and design are hardly at risk of going out of trend anytime soon. Because every wood tile or plank part of the flooring is of a different grain, variance of shade, and colour, it adds an authenticity and nostalgia to a home. Complemented with the right furniture, most wood flooring types are appealing for those who desire creating a warm, cosy and inviting ambience at home.

Teak, Timber, Eco Friendly, Engineered Wood Flooring Options

What are the different wood flooring types?

Our different wood flooring types are all durable, eco friendly and beautiful in design.

  1. Engineered Wood Flooring
  2. Savannah Engineered Wood Flooring
  3. Solid Wood Flooring
  4. Wood Flooring Styling


These eco friendly wood flooring collections available are a cost-efficient alternative to most hardwood flooring, structurally stable, and have a high slip resistance – making it a perfect option for those with children at home. Moreover, our strong customer satisfaction promises a quality and seamless installation service for you. Our strong workmanship and service resolves any problem or worry over uneven or low quality installation.

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The unmatched and enduring beauty of wood flooring – teak, timber, engineered wood – go with any design you furnish your home with. Depending on the overall aesthetic and feel of the look, choosing the right furniture to complement your wood flooring goes a long way. Be it a country, rustic, contemporary or eclectic mix of aesthetics, our eco friendly wood flooring range and collection are guaranteed to service and fit your lifestyle and needs.

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