Garden Atmosphere

Fresh out of ideas? Try the garden for inspiration.
A natural place for retreat and contemplation, it’s an all-time inspirational favorite.
And it’s good for your inner garden too.

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Follow your instincts
There are few things more rewarding than decorating your home with flowers and plants in vibrant colors. Besides beauty, you’re guaranteed relaxation activated by the sweet scent of flora, improved air quality, and pleasant indoor acoustics.

Wild or formal?
Garden Atmosphere embraces both philosophies. Choose one, and build your own little paradise from
the floor up. Mind the natural light conditions and plan your lush interior carefully to achieve your style.

Life in color
Colors affect our mood and mind in various ways.
Green has a soothing effect and helps you focus.
Red, on the other hand, inspires energy and passion.
Use color samples to find the right mix, and match with your choice of floor.

Want to give your existing wooden floors a new look?