Nordic Shimmer

Maybe it’s the deep forests. Maybe it’s the quiet lakes.
The Nordic countries have fostered generations of famous designers and the result is a style that doesn’t make a whole lot of noise, but shines with great qualities upon a closer look.

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  • Nordic Frost

  • Nordic Gold

  • Nordic Milk

  • Nordic Natural

Simply beautiful
Catch the pure Nordic spirit, with design carefully crafted from natural materials. A timeless expression always in style. 

Listen to your senses
Experience the best barefoot feeling there is with Nordic Natural,
one of our looks treated with silky 
smooth lacquer Bona Traffic Natural, giving the sensation of pure wood.

Soft light and muted shades
Natural light is a key ingredient in all Nordic interiors. Soften the contrast by having it filtered through a curtain, and choose muted shades that mimic the Nordic landscape. Help create the style with linens and other essentials that match the subtle expression of your wood floor.

Want to give your existing floors a fresh look?