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I called for multiple vinyl flooring quotes from different vendors, but Shanny from The Floor Gallery was the only one that brought different types of vinyl floor material samples so I could see and touch them for myself. Construction was great! I was nit-picky about alignment and measurements, and the workers would redo the flooring without complaints till I was satisfied. Vinyl flooring prices were extremely competitive for Singapore.

Nicholas Joo

I was looking for wood decking for my planter area and came across The Floor Gallery. I requested for a quotation, and Ms. Jess, their sales rep, contacted me soon after to arrange for a site recce. She showed us different samples and explained their differences. The decking installation was prompt and displayed good workmanship. My husband and I were very satisfied with the final installation. Our planter area is now super nice and feels solid when I walk on it. Thanks a lot Jess and the team!

Selina Poh

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Flooring Installation Services in Singapore | Why Should You Pick Us?

Looking to renovate? Besides the high quality, our flooring supplies are unrivalled when it comes to picking out eco-friendly styles in Singapore.
Founded with the objective to install quality flooring for home and commercial property owners in Singapore, we stand by these three pillars of our strengths as a service provider to all our clients. We aim to deliver proficient expertise in our flooring installation services – together with high quality flooring supplies that are centred on promoting sustainability as a principle.

Find The Perfect Flooring Style For Your Home

More often than not, flooring installation counts for one of the biggest costs in home renovations in Singapore. Apart from cost considerations, home and property owners need to look at the durability, design and type of flooring material that is being offered.
When shopping for flooring, there are a couple of things to take note of:

Type of Flooring

Depending on the area of the property you are renovating, choosing the right design and flooring type is important in an investment this big. For instance, the flooring material for your kitchen will probably be different in terms of durability, water resistance, and repairability compared to flooring in your bedroom or living room.
The common flooring types in Singapore constitute:

  1. Vinyl
  2. Laminate
  3. Wood
  4. Outdoor Decking

Cost And Design Of Flooring

The market for vinyl and other types of flooring supplies in Singapore is a tough one, with competitive prices all over. As you pick the flooring type depending on the aesthetic design of the interior, costs will invariably differ.
Saving a couple of dollars could be tempting in the moment but going for a cheaper tile or material could cost you in terms of durability and resistance to scratches or water. Likewise, it could lead to you compromising on the appearance and design of your ideal home – flooring serves as the foundation, as it covers the largest surface area of the property.

Flooring Installer or Services Provider

Invest in reputable flooring installation services. We strive as a business to deliver high quality flooring in Singapore with top-notch service and expertise.
Our  strong customer satisfaction is a guarantor of our reliability and capabilities as a renowned flooring company. Read customer testimonials here.

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