Savannah Engineered Wood Flooring

Create a beautiful environment with our
eco-friendly engineered wood flooring.

Discover our wood flooring designs:

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  • SE001 Grey Dove

  • SE002-Grey-Pigeon-Pattern

  • SE003-Echo-Blue

  • SE004 White Washed

  • SE005 Barley White

  • SE006 Chestnut Brown

  • SE007 Natural Brushed

  • SE008 Washed Wool

  • SE009 Washed Slate

  • SE010 Washed Sandstone

Savannah Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits

Easy Installation

FloorTop Engineered Wood Flooring enables a quicker & easier installation. Simply overlay the flooring on your existing floor!

High Dimensional Stability

Possesses the structural strength & stability of engineered wood flooring.

High Slip Resistance

Enhances the safety of your premises.

Comfortable & Luxurious

Walk on 100% real textured hardwood

Cost Efficient

More affordable than most solid wood & conventional engineered wood flooring in Singapore.

100% Eco Friendly

Made of eco-renewable flooring materials


StyleSavannah Engineered Wood Flooring Strips
Plank Size1220mm (L) x 167mm (W) x 15mm (T)
Package Size10pcs, 2.037m2