Malibu Dreams

Rustic Floor Wood Overlay Installation In Singapore

Surrender to the warm and welcoming California style. Free-spirited and rustic, yet chic.

Our California style wood floor is a fresh crossover with influences from faraway places, brought to life in our unique design and appeal for your wood overlay needs in Singapore.

Malibu Dreams – Rustic Floor Wood Overlay Selection in Singapore

With development in manufacturing and distribution channels, the wood flooring and overlay market is growing with possibilities and endless choices for consumers. Navigating the market for the perfect design can be an overwhelming task.

Will wood flooring be trendy years from now? How durable is it? Should I hack the flooring and install a new one? Or just pick a wood overlay for it?

When it comes to picking timeless, elegant and sophisticated design, wood flooring and overlay designs are often top choices. The choices are endless; our california style wood floor and overlay finishes are perfect for giving your home that gorgeous cosy new interior. Whether you are looking for a warm or cool colour finish, our wood floor overlay collection in Singapore is reminiscent of a rustic yet stylish aesthetic.

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There’s No Place Like Home

Adventure is always on the horizon in California – and your home is the perfect base for it. Whether you’re all about the salty wilderness of the sea or bustling city life, your home is where you retreat to find new energy. Comfy, relaxed, and stylish like nothing else. Incorporate the California style into your design by contacting your trusted wood floor supplier in Singapore.

Refined Rustic
Choose between four distinct rustic floor wood overlay looks to launch your Malibu Dreams style. All warm brown with a beautiful rustic character, the looks mix perfectly with chalk white and the colors of the Pacific.

 Channel Your Energy Into Your Home
Plan your Malibu Dreams home to fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. A sports fanatic? Let it show by having your gear on display. A true nature lover? Use your favorite shells, stones, and driftwood to decorate your home.

Channel A California Style In Your Home

Give your existing floors a fresh new look with a rustic floor wood overlay from our collection.

Our client testimonials demonstrate the longstanding and quality relationships built with our clients over successful flooring projects. As a top-quality wood floor, decking, and flooring supplier, contact us for a discussion.

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