Touch of Grace

Make room for a delightful experience blessed with elegance and finesse.
Largely based on classic styles and vintage favorites, Touch of Grace has all you need to create a truly personal home.

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  • Grace Bright

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  • Grace Umbra

  • Grace Vivid

  • Rich Black Ash

  • Rich Black Graphite

Grace and elegance with a smile
Go treasure hunting at a flea market. Or buy that chair you really can’t afford. All is forgiven when you finally get to sit back and enjoy your wonderful home. Touch of Grace celebrates life with timeless design and an openness to all that is beautiful. A multifaceted style that calls for solid floors to keep things grounded.

Be original
Style is all about expressing yourself. Be confident in your choice of furniture and accessories, and you’ll be halfway to your dream home. Trust in your own good taste more than anything else.

Bring out a smile
Does brass, glass and playful ceramics make you feel happy? Then this is the style for you. Don’t be afraid to improvise and mix different eras and expressions.

Want to give your existing wooden floors a new look?