Flooring Guide

A customer’s experience in a retail space is very important to a business. From the products offered to the level of customer service delivered, each point on the consumer’s journey must create a positive response. This would include the architectural aesthetics of the space itself. While interior design accommodates a range of elements such as wall paint, ceiling pattern and furniture arrangement, flooring is a very crucial aspect of the store’s aesthetic finishing.

Flooring helps to accommodate different brand identities. The use of various types to create contrast within a space is essential in integrating the shopper’s experience to the brand story. Colours play a vital role in this aspect, especially when the flooring is meant to tie in various spaces of the area together. However, any business owner will be careful not to compromise their budgets over overt aesthetics. Sustainable designs are highly preferred to those which require more maintenance at the expense of operational costs.

In response, vinyl flooring has become one of the most practical and ideal options in Singapore for retail spaces. Adding a touch of sophistication to the space, vinyl tiles are not only visually appealing but they are also engineered to be long-lasting. We explore three reasons why vinyl should be the choice of flooring in Singapore for any type of retail space.

1. Easy maintenance and high durability

Vinyl tiles are commonly used as the flooring for retail spaces in Singapore because they require low maintenance. It is very troublesome to shift around furniture in the store just to carry out regular waxing and scrubbing as required for other types of flooring. The Luxury Vinyl Tiles, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned with a regular vacuum or a sweep using a soft brush. It can also be cleaned with a well wrung-out mop.

Moreover, retail spaces expect a constant movement of people as well as trolleys and carts of goods. This means that the flooring used must be strong and sturdy. Our IVC Moduleo 55 Dryback Series of vinyl flooring, for instance, comes with a thick wear layer of 0.55mm which allows it to withstand the stress of different weights. These vinyl tiles are also made with double fibreglass that helps to maintain the stability of their dimensions, ensuring they last long enough against the fluctuating temperatures and humidity of Singapore.

2. Fast installation and replacement

The vinyl tiles can be installed much faster than other types of flooring and be replaced just as fast. This means that any replacement works can be completed swiftly without necessarily causing much interruption or hinderance to daily operations. In Singapore, retail spaces are always busy with consumers as well as staff who must cater to their customers. This requires retail outlets to make more efficient use of time and resources when refurbishing the store which vinyl flooring offers.

3. Luxurious look of natural wood

As we have mentioned earlier, vinyl flooring offers a zest of sophistication to the space. This is possible with its natural look of wood available in different colours and patterns. With elegant wood designs that give off a luxurious aura, retail spaces that make full use of vinyl’s aesthetics can enjoy a classy finishing to their stores.

Vinyl tiles can also adorn your homes and it has been one of the most sought-after flooring types for HDB houses in Singapore. You can read more about the options available here. Nonetheless, we are only a call away if you need more advice on vinyl flooring!

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