Eco Protect Resilient Flooring (EPRF)

Create a beautiful environment with
our eco-friendly resilient vinyl flooring.

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Eco Protect Resilient Flooring Benefits

Unique Patented Click n’ go and Drop n’ go!® click system. (The easiest and strongest click system for Korean vinyl flooring).

Distinguished NOX Ecotecture® Multi-Layer Property from Korea. (Ensures relatively better dimensional stability and extra sound absorption compared to traditional LVT.)

The first in LVT, “Built-in-Grout” click system (This ensures the natural elegance of the grout lines).

Low VOCs and non-phthalate techonology which makes this vinyl flooring from Korea safer in terms of indoor air quality.

Ultra water-resistance &
high slip-resistance

Wallet-friendly vinyl flooring from Korea


Level of Use CLASS 23 / 33 / 42
Overall Thickness 5.0mm
Wear Layer Thickness 0.3mm
Size 185mm (width) X 1212mm (length)
Product Warranty 10 Years Residential Warranty and 5 Years Commercial Warranty
when installed in accordance to NOX installation and maintenance guide.

Eco Quality Accreditation for ECOCLICK+ vinyl flooring by NOX Korea