Solid Wood Flooring

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  • American-walnut

  • Blackmosia

  • Brazilian Cherry

  • Burmese Rosewood

  • Burmese Teak 3 Strips

  • Canadian Cherry

  • Dark Bamboo

  • Ebony Wood

  • European Beech

  • European Birch

  • French White Oak

  • Golden Teak

  • Indian Rosewood

  • Ivorywood

  • Light Bamboo

  • Maple

  • Tasmania Oak

  • Victorian Ash

  • Wenge

  • Zebrano

Solid Wood Flooring Benefits

High end quality.

Luxurious, upscale and stately look and feel.

Unique and rare as each piece of wood is different from one another.

Warm on feet when weather is cool while cool on feet during warm surrounding weather.

A solid wood feel.

For better quality wood species, they are naturally durable and resistant to temperature changes.

Wood contributes to better air quality indoor.

Eco friendly by nature.

At The Floor Gallery, our solid wood flooring specialists has years of experience sourcing and finding the best quality solid wood flooring for both residential and commercial property owners. Our solid wood flooring are selected mainly based on the three important criteria. Firstly, the source of our solid wood flooring products has to come from responsible and sustainable resources Secondly, the wood flooring quality grade must be of reasonably high standard. Thirdly, the design of the solid wood flooring has to be uniquely exquisite.