New Hybrid Eco RigidTech Flooring (NHERT)

Create a beautiful environment with
our non-toxic vinyl flooring.

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New Hybrid Eco RigidTech Floor Benefits

Better Dimension Stability

Eliminates swelling or shrinkage in vinyl tile flooring.

Safe Non-Toxic Air Quality

Phthalate free vinyl flooring material

ECO Friendly

Low VOCs and phthalate free

Quick & Easy Vinyl Flooring Installation

Fast Click Unilin locking system

High Curling Resistance

Waterproof & Termite-Free

Withstands detergents, oils, grease & more.

Resistant To Subfloor Imperfections

Eliminates telegraphing of vinyl tiles.

Warranty – 10 Years Residential &
5 Years Commercial


Dimension1220mm (L) x 228mm (W)
Warranty10 years residential
5 years commercial
Phthalate Free Vinyl Accredition