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Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits

Easy Installation

FloorTop Engineered Wood Flooring enables a quicker & easier installation. Simply overlay the flooring on your existing floor!

High Dimensional Stability

Possesses the structural strength & stability of engineered wood flooring.

High Slip Resistance

Enhances the safety of your premises.

Comfortable & Luxurious

Walk on 100% real textured hardwood

Cost Efficient

More affordable than most solid wood & conventional engineered wood flooring in Singapore.

100% Eco Friendly

Made of eco-renewable flooring materials


Style Engineered Wood Flooring Strips
Plank Size 1830mm (L) x 138mm (W) x 12/14mm (T)
Package Size 1.51m2
Origin Malaysia

FloorTop Wood Flooring

What is floortop or engineered wood flooring? Fast becoming a popular option among homeowners, engineered wood flooring is often chosen for its many advantages. Manufactured by binding boards together to form composite wood, floortop wood flooring can be extremely durable.

Floortop wood flooring comes in a range of colours and finishes, making it a versatile option for different housing design styles. The range of finishes that are available with engineered wood flooring makes it an attractive option for those looking to design their homes with a luxurious and elegant feel.

Benefits Of Engineered Wood Flooring

Like every other type of flooring, there are drawbacks that come with the benefits too. However, there are several benefits engineered wood flooring brings that make it a far more appealing option than natural wood – especially if you are looking for a flooring material that looks just as good as natural solid wood but is much easier to maintain over a long time. Families also tend to pick engineered wood flooring for the ease of maintenance – a factor that becomes very crucial to consider when children or pets are living in the same area.

  1. Easy Installation
    By simply overlaying on the existing floor, engineered wood flooring provides a much easier installation process.
  2. High Dimensional Stability
    Possesses structural strength and stability for high volume of traffic.
  3. High Slip Resistance
    Enhances the safety of your premises, making it an effective and wise option for families.
  4. Comfortable and Luxurious
    Walk on 100% real textured hardwood.
  5. Cost Efficient
    A more affordable alternative to solid wood and conventional engineered wood flooring in Singapore.
  6. 100% Eco Friendly
    Sustainably sourced and made of eco-renewable flooring materials.


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Our range of designs available are perfect to create a luxurious and sophisticated living space if you are looking for the look and feel of warmth, elegance and timelessness. Slip-resistant, high impact yet luxurious, contact our floor specialists to enquire about our floortop wood flooring installation services in Singapore.

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